Training Accessories

We stock a wide range of accessories for all your training needs. 

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If you are looking to get some training on some of our defibrillator units, in particular our training defib units, then you may want to browse through our accessories which will help with the learning process.

We can’t stress enough how much we back going on an AED training course if you’re considering buying a defibrillator. The courses allow you to be trained by a first aid professional and you can gain invaluable knowledge about defibrillators.

Replacement Equipment

We stock a wide range of equipment specific for the training of people with defibrillators and first aid. If you’re looking to provide training to a group of students, the equipment used can wear and tear. This means it's important to have plenty of spares, allowing you to continue the high standard of training and realism provided.

Replacement training defibrillator pads and batteries are essential for training groups on how to use a defibrillator. We have a wide range of stock including replacement pads for the HS1 training defibrillator and training remote controls for the Defibtech Lifeline training units.

Further to the defibrillator training equipment, we also have first aid training equipment which perfectly complements the AED training.

We have everything from head section models which accurately show users how to provide effective CPR to AED Little Anne training dummy which can be used for training in both first aid and how to correctly use a defibrillator.

More information?

If you would like some more information regarding the training accessories stock that we have on our website, you could always give us a call on 15079907.

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