Adapters and Chargers

We stock a selection of chargers suitable for different AEDs to ensure the battery of your device remains fully operational. 

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After purchasing your life-saving AED, it's important that you maintain the defibrillator device so it is always ready for use in during a cardiac emergency.

Here at defibshop, we realise that some devices do have the capability of housing a rechargeable battery - that's why we offer a range of chargers to go with these devices as they offer a cost-effective alternative to replacing a used battery.

Why is it important to have a Charged Defibrillator?

Ensuring your device is charged, along with an unused set of electrode pads will ensure that it is ready for use at a moment's notice. Without the charge, the defibrillator may be unable to deliver the required treatment.

Not only will it be unable to deliver the required treatment, it will also be unable to perform the essential daily, weekly and monthly self-tests that ensure all components are ready for use.

Owning a battery charger means you can continually charge your device, especially if it is going to be used in a more stressful environment, such as an ambulance. This will provide you with peace of mind that your defibrillator will always be able to be used on a casualty.

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