Powerful, yet simple to use AEDs so that everyone, the professional first responder to the untrained user, can easily save a life. 

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Since 1999, Defibtech has been creating and innovating its world renowned line of defibrillators. This line of defibrillators has been designed to be recognisable, portable and friendly for organisations all over the world.

Manufactured in the United States of America in state-of-the-art certified facilities and with more than 200,000 units in the field, they have earned many accolades for their products, including being selected as the defibrillator of choice to protect athletes and spectators at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.

With a range which caters for your every possible need and prices to suit every budget, you can be sure your investment from Defibtech will be easy to use and an efficient a life-saving addition to your workplace.

The Lifeline

The Lifeline units boast a lightweight, fully integrated design, meaning with no lids or moving parts, your full attention can be focused on delivering the life-saving treatment a victim of cardiac arrest requires. A rubberised surface also means that you have a sure grip during an emergency, making it one of the easiest defibs to transport.

The Lifeline VIEW is taking the ‘easy-to-use’ style to a whole new level with a video guide in full-motion colour offering first responders the ability to view step-by-step instructional videos or ECG information.

Whilst the Lifeline VIEW is great for providing professional style help to first responders, the ECG and PRO versions of the defibrillator offer fantastic tools for the medical professionals too.

The ECG option offers medical pro’s the ability to see exactly what the heart is doing with the defibrillator recording all heart output during the cardiac arrest whilst the PRO unit offers manual override of the unit for those who are professionally trained.

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They both have fully integrated designs, meaning no lids, no frills, just a lightweight and efficient life-saving machine.

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