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Electrode Pads and Accessories for CU Medical Systems devices. 

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Established since 2001, Korean medical company, CU Medical Systems have become a defibrillator specialist involved in the research, developing and manufacturing of defibrillators.  

CU Medical Systems are known for the development of their I-PAD defibrillator range. Equipped with clear images, the I-PAD devices guide both trained and untrained responders to deliver effective treatment with confidence. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) does not discriminate, striking anyone at any time or place and without any prior symptoms or warnings. Delivering treatment within 3-5 minutes of the victim collapsing increases their survival chance up to 74%. Delaying treatment decreases the chance of survival by 10% for every minute that goes by without treatment. 


Why do electrode pads need replacing? 

Depending on the make and model of your defibrillator, electrode pads have a shelf life ranging from 1-5 years. 

The gel covering the pads are likely to be ineffective in adhering to the skin to analyse the heart and deliver a shock if one is required beyond the expiration date. 

Why does a defibrillator need a replacement battery? 

Batteries have a shelf life of 2-7 years. This is dependent on the make and model of your defibrillator. 

Batteries enable the unit in carrying out regular self-tests to ensure your defibrillator remains in working order. Batteries also provide the power needed to deliver a potentially life-saving shock if one is required. 

More Information 

Whether or not you have purchased your defibrillator or accessories from us previously, we can still remind you when your products are coming up for expiration when you register your expiry dates as part of our FREE Battery and Pad Reminder Service.  

To learn more about our range of CU Medical Systems consumables, get in touch with our friendly & knowledgeable team by calling 0161 776 7422. Alternatively, fill out our Contact Us form and we'll respond to you as soon as possible. 

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