About AED Armor

Exclusive Distributors

Founded in 2016, AED Armor’s new and exclusive AED accessories range has been designed to ensure you make the most of your life-saving device by providing a variety of effective storage solutions.

Not only can you guarantee the safety of your defibrillator, but you can also ensure it will be seen and can be retrieved easily in the event of a cardiac emergency.

AED Armor has taken the steps to provide you with the ability to store your defibrillator safely and effectively, whilst ensuring easy access in the event of a cardiac emergency.

Innovative and Industry-Leading

The latest innovation in storage solutions for your defibrillator includes wall mounts, cabinets and brackets in a variety of materials, with options suitable for all AEDs and environments.

The innovative Perspex and industry-leading Metal ranges will provide your life-saving defibrillator with ultimate protection against environmental elements, theft and day-to-day wear for assurance of safety, accessibility and retrieval in the event of a cardiac arrest.

An additional personalisation feature is included with cabinet purchases, giving you the option to personalise yours with text.

Universally Designed

All of AED Armor’s storage options are universally designed to suit and complement every AED on the market, reassuring you that regardless of what device you own, AED Armor will have a storage solution that perfectly complements your device.

After investing time in searching for the perfect AED for you, a storage option is the next step for you to take. Ensuring that your life-saving device is effectively protected is extremely vital to ensure your device is rescue ready and available to use in the case of an emergency.

AED Armor’s range can guarantee not only optimum protection for your investment, regardless of size and location, but will also ensure bystanders do not mistake the contents of the storage solution for anything other than a life-saving defibrillator.