We offer a wide range of accessory products to ensure that first responders have everything they need to provide care when it is needed. 

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Once you have purchased a defibrillator, keeping your unit stocked up and protected is key to making sure you are continually prepared in the event of someone suffering a cardiac arrest.

We have a range of products that can help assist you in the rescue process, keep your defibrillator up to date and protect your defibrillator on the go or as storage from the elements.

Refresher Stock

When you purchase a defibrillator, the electrode pads and the battery are two key elements that have expiry dates. It is essential that these are replaced in good time before they expire to keep the defibrillator in good working order and rescue ready.

We have a wide range of batteries and electrode pads, including paediatric pads, for all defibrillator models so you can come back to us when these essential pieces of your defibrillator need replacing.

Casing and Protection

Making sure your defibrillator has ample protection could be a key if you intend to travel with the unit or store the device outside where it can be left open to the elements.

We stock manufacturer specific casing, which is the perfect way to carry around a defibrillator on a day to day basis whilst we also have different types of outdoor and indoor wall mounts and cabinets for protecting a defibrillator in a set place.

No matter where you will be storing your defibrillator, we have something that can protect it and keep it rescue ready at all times.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to us regarding our range of accessories then you can call our friendly defibshop team on 15079907 and we’ll be more than happy to find all the products you need.

We can discuss where you’re planning on storing your defibrillator and which products boast the best protection, accessibility and ease of use for storage whilst we can also help you locate any replacement products if you’re struggling to find what you need. 

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